I apologize for the quality I no not how to improve it. Hee Hee

This is my first duo Lyra performance with Kaya of Kaya Unlimited. There was a minor wardrobe malfunction and I remember having the worst migraine from all the flashing lights but the show must go on!










This video is my favorite! It was my first ever performance as an Aerialist.  At first I was using aerial as a new way to exercise. Somehow, I accidentally became a performer! I remember I practiced so often I bled from repeated poses. When the day came to perform it seemed that no one would show. I was a little relieved because I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. 15 minutes till and the room nearly fills up! My palms were sweaty and I couldn’t fit my glasses so I was blind. Somehow I didn’t make a mistake and it was so much fun to cosplay at that! I performed this at Momocon ( and AWA ( Check them out!

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