Oh the things I could create~ I should create!

I have a million ideas in my head. I wish I had all the time in the world to create things out of thin air. Some days the urge is so strong I have to drop everything and craft. Traditionally I enjoy making a dress for Julia for Easter.  It was the only holiday I thought I had a chance of success. I failed on other holidays. As I have said before I am not a professional and I tend to take the long route on any kind of craft ideas because for some odd reason the simple routes are difficult for me. I am not afraid to admit my faults. I will work around them.

Her First Dress
Her second


Her first dress was simple. I had no idea what I was doing I just had an idea in my head that I tried to put together.  It was years ago I can’t remember the date and as usual, I was winging it. Fabric is everything. A cotton-poly blend is perfect for a top. It was soft and comfortable. I used the remainder of the fabric to make an underskirt because tulle can be itchy.  Here is a reference in case you want to try your own!

I used an elastic band instead of a ribbon because I felt it had more support. If you tie the ribbon to hard you may have to cut it off. Ribbon would be best for smaller kids who don’t run around like wild animals. I did sew the tulle together at the bottom. Which kept it together and flowy like.




Her first dress

Her floral belt did require sewing. I used tulle for that which was a mistake because it would untie on it’s own. The fabric had a lot of weight so I should have sewn it into the dress but HEY~ you live you learn. I cut long strips of pink broadcloth and just rolled it together. (I sucked at giving directions)

It was fun and you would think I would improve the second time around but I didn’t.


I wanted a “poofy” look to her dress so I thought, smaller strips and more of it!WRONG! Never ever do that. I also use broadcloth as a top because I forgot that poly cotton blend was best. It didn’t work out so I had to tie them to pull it off. As for the smaller strips of tulle it bunched up as she moved around. I kept at her tail pulling the tulle back into place. I should have sewn it at the bottom again but.. you know. The sequin egg was fun. I drew it onto the fabric first and sewed the sequin piece by piece.


The flower head band is simple. After all these years she still has it. Flowers are from Hobby Lobby. I just cut the heads off and glued them  to a blank headband wrapped in ribbon. EASY PEAZY.  The next outfit I wanted it to be simple and fun. I didn’t want any kind of maintenance whats so ever! So I drew up a design and went to work.


I thought of the overall skirt because I felt it would be cute and durable. This time I went all out! All though it doesn’t look like it construction was alot! I wanted to make sure it was machine washable and long lasting. It looks a bit plane yeah? So I thought I would give it a bit of spring and sew on fabric flowers.


I bought a sample set from Hobby lobby and using a bottle I traced and cut circles from the cloth. It was the longest process because You have to make the individual petals first and then put the petals together. I used white bottoms to accent the flowers.


It took about 2 months of making time to work on it and VOILA! I made the bunny necklace out of polymer clay and glitter. I also made a bow on the back. It was so much fun! Now as for directions on how I made it I couldn’t help you lol. I don’t know where to begin! I winged it as usual. My main goal was sewing properly so nothing fell apart. Julia didn’t think it was colorful enough! Oh well, better try next time!

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