My First Blog!

Originally I was going to use this site to promote another site. Smart right? Totes. I decided to postpone the other site for now. Until then, what in the world should I write about? Hmm.. A little about me: 30, mom, aerialist, eater and experience(er) of life. Boom.  Enough of that.


or たこ焼き (Anyone else besides myself learning Japanese? Just me? Okay)

I first had some at a Chinese New Year Festival. Now, having discovered Uber Eats, I eat some every chance I get!

The only problem with blogging about food are the descriptive terms. You know the words. Don’t make me say them.

Moist. Juicy.

I said it.


Takoyaki is a ball shape flour based Japanese snack. It’s filled with diced octopus.  Toppings varies but honestly any combination I have tried so far works.



That’s it for now!


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