My first successful cosplay.

What is Cosplay?

You dress up as your favorite character from any animation, comic or movie.

She did an amazing job!

Why would anyone want to do that? Passion overload.

I am not a professional cosplay(er). It was something I was going to do one time that was on my bucket list. It became addicting!

So why is a 30 year old into this? I never had a chance to be passionate about anything as a child. I did not get to truly experience life until later on as a adult. Moving on.

Since experiencing the freedom of adulthood I decided I was going to do the things I have always wanted to do.

First thing was a big vacation but that’s a blog for another time. Check.

Second thing was to cosplay and attend my very first anime convention.

Anime was a gateway for me. It inspired me to draw, write and yearn to explore this vast magical world of ours.

I was never able to buy collectibles so I drew them. I had a small collection of manga (Japanese comics) that I used earnings from my first job in high school to purchase but my father gave them away without my knowledge. So I made comics of my own. The expense alone to crafting a cosplay and attending a convention put that goal to a halt. Not happening.

I did start sewing projects with the intent of making it a career but I was talked out of it. It was more so that I was talked down to the point that I was discouraged to continue. All that has changed however when I decided I didn’t care anymore about the invisible obligations family members expect you to have. How can you say no when you lived your whole life trying to get their approval? I realized how miserable I was trying to make others happy because I was emotionally exhausted. I am off topic but you get it right? Or not it’s cool.

I’m going to do this.

I said it as often as possible until I was able to get the badge for my first anime convention.

My first cosplay was terrible! I sew the hard way. By that I mean I don’t use patterns. I kind of wing it. Big mistake. Years later and I still don’t use patterns but I guess I haven’t learned my lesson.

I am in the fishnets. Oops.

I was clueless the first convention so I missed out on a lot of activities. It was, however, such a thrill to finally fulfill a goal I have had for so long! I had a great time! It was huge! There was so much happening all around. It was such a welcoming environment. I may have looked silly but I did not feel as such.

The best part of this convention is that I was introduced to performing aerial professionally and for that, I am grateful. I have been to multiple conventions since and it has been awesome! People are so talented I would be at a loss for words.

Then there was performances. I was to cosplay as a themed character and perform on my lyra. Performing at the convention was a mix of nerve wrecking and thrilling.

I practiced as often as I can. Each practice had problems. I could never get it right. The music and my routine never matched. I would complete the routine too soon or too late. It was a disaster. It is so motivating though! To keep a healthy fit lifestyle so that I could continue this activity. When the time came to performing I wore a cosplay I knew would hide my identity completely should I ruin everything. Also, I wanted to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. This character suited me perfectly. There were so many people in the audience I wanted to curl into a ball and cry. Why do I want to experience new things I thought. WHY!?

To my surprise my performance went smoothly. Right on cue. Where the deuce did that come from I’ll never know. All I do know is that this experience only added to my newfound decision that I was going to put myself first. I am going to freak out and try new things because it makes me happy in a sometimes frightening way. If that makes sense. This year I have big plans for a couple of conventions and this time my kids will come along! I can’t wait to see how that goes.

I am finally happy.


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